Back Covers Best For Google Pixel 4

Hello and welcome to today’s article where I’ll be showing you the top five Back Covers Best For Google Pixel 4.

This right here is the Google pixel in this article I picked up some Amazon Back Covers and I wanted to see how they would fit on this phone.

how they feel in the hands have a cut out to be and also how the buttons would actually function so that if you guys are interested in purchasing these Back Covers then you can see how they actually fit in the phone now

First Back Covers

This case is from a company called anchor and this Back Covers is super slim like there’s no actual cutouts for the buttons it’s just a giant cut out right here.

Back Cover

Giant cut out the top giant cut out at the bottom and it’s very thin it’s made out of plastic but it’s very stiff and very hard plastic so it’s going to protect your phone it fits in really easy. The corners are perfectly protected because there’s coverage on all four corners I don’t know what’s gonna happen if you drop it on the bottom so that’s something to be careful.

But overall it feels really nice in the hands and there’s nothing really to complain about in terms of buttons because the buns are completely exposed so you actually pressing the buttons of the phone other than that.

This is a very minimal and very slim case and you see if the squeeze feature works yep so the squeeze feature works perfectly fine and there isn’t a lot of force or a lot of pressure that you’re going to be pressing on this case because it’s very slim and very minimal

Second Back Covers

The second case is from Spigen so I like speech in cases I love the way their boxes are and just the way they present everything in this case right here is also a plastic case but it’s soft plastic it’s not hard like the previous one.

Back Cover

And there are buttons on the side there are cutouts right here on the bottom and then you also have been giant cutout for the camera and let’s see how it fits into the phone so this one goes perfectly fine into the phone.

And it is a little bit more protection than the previous one because you have a full coverage all around the phone and then there is an actual lip right here that goes around the phone.

So if you do place it face down onto a desk then it’s going to be raised off the desk a little bit so your display is not going to be rubbing on whatever surface that you are putting the phone on overall it feels nice in the hands .

And the button so let’s see how these bonds work ok so the buttons are very easy to press very softly and they’re also great tactile so I don’t have any complaints with the buttons.

You have a nice giant big cutout so you’re not worried about that power button or the speaker’s being blocked and then you have a nice cutout in the back right here for the camera.

So overall I like this case there’s some texture and some feeling on the back right here so it’s gonna be very grippy and you’re not going to be dropping the case or I mean the phone you’re not gonna be dropping the phone because you got a little bit more grip on the back right here

 Third Back Covers

Ok so right after that we have this next one case is from ESR. so ESR is another company that makes really nice cases I’ve used. their Back Covers in the past and this one is also made out of plastic. but it’s hard plastic. and it’s got coverage all around it. and even the bottom the only thing is these guys put little cutouts right here.

Back Cover

And I think that’s just to make it easy to put the phone in and to take the phone out. there are no cutouts at the top right here. you do have the camera cut out. you have buttons right here. and they got a little weird shape to them. but we’ll see how they function.

When I put the phone in there. so if we take the phone. and we place it in there then it snaps in perfectly fine. and it actually hugs the phone very tight like there is literally. it’s hard to explain but it feels like. it’s the most snug. when it comes to being on the phone out of it to that.

I’ve just tested before. so this one’s really nice. and I like how soft it is right here. there’s no texture so it’s a little bit slippery but I actually like how this feels and overall I think it’s great. so obviously I already press the squeeze one because it’s working.

So let’s just test out that squeeze yep it works perfectly fine and you can squeeze in multiple times let’s see how the buns work so the volume rocker okay volume rocker is nice it’s got a nice textile feel to it and you can actually hear the clicking and then the power button okay

So the power button is interesting because you get no feedback at all that you actually pressed it and that in turn makes you push the power button harder so you’re almost like straining your thumb because there’s literally no feedback about this power button so I’d say that’s a pretty bad design on this phone.

Because that bomb right there yeah it’s  a no-go I would actually honestly not use this case because of that but other than that like the way it fits in the way it feels in the hands is very nice and obviously you could see.

The squeeze is working without even me trying to squeeze so and that just shows you how snug this phone, in this case, is to the phone but anyway watch out for that power button

Forth Back Cover

Okay so up next we have a case from case ology these guys make really nice Back Covers and the one that I picked up from them is a clear case I haven’t peeled this off yet because when I give it away I want to ever get set to be able to peel it.

Back Cover

So they have a nice crispy clean back but you have a black bezel all around the sides or a black bumper and then you have a clear case so if you have the white pixel for or if you have the orange one then you’re going to be able to see that back right there.

I clearly have the black one so everything looks black it feels nice in the hand it’s a little bit more bulky than any other cases that we’ve tried right now so it’s substantially bigger on your phone I mean substantially bigger on your hands and

You have nice cutouts on the back right here and they’re all like nicely sized so you could put any type of table in there let’s see how the buttons work okay so you get nice to click a nice textile button bun mashing when it comes to the volume.

The power button oh this is way better than that last one we just tested this one feels nice in the hands and you can actually get some feedback on your thumb to let me see how the squeeze works so

If I squeeze it that works perfectly fine it’s already picking up what I’m saying so the squeeze is no issue overall there’s a nice case it gives it a little weird like an illusion when you’re looking at the phone like because there’s a clear lining around here

And then you had the giant black bezel of the pixels so it’s just a little bit bigger case then I would like but that’s how the case ology case looks okay

 Fifth Back Cover

SO the final case we have is one from company called Vilia now I have never tried these cases so I took a chance on these guys and this is a wallet case so I personally don’t like wallet cases but this one right here is a nice wallet case you have a slit right here and I believe it’ll hold like three cards.

Back Cover

I don’t have my wallet around with me to test that out but it looks like it can hold about maybe three to four cards you have cut out right here for the earpiece so if you do answer then you can close it and still take calls it looks like leather but it’s not leather.

It’s plastic so that’s good and bad I guess one on one end it’s not gonna have any issues if you get water on this case right here but let’s have the phone it’s so the phone fits super easy and you get super coverage with this case the buttons so the bonds work perfectly fine but because this is a wallet case like holding it is a little weird this bond works perfectly fine.

The volume rockers work and then for the squeeze feature it works but you have to squeeze a little harder because the sides here of the case get in your way this side gets in your way now there is a magnet in here so when I do shut it then it actually holds in place so you’re not worried about that flap opening up or anything like that it’s a pretty strong magnet so that’s good and overall this is a nice case.

If you like wallet cases then definitely consider this and it comes in a bunch of different colors I’ll have links down below in the description it also folds like this so that you can go ahead and watch stuff and you can tilt it to different angles so that’s pretty cool one anyway.

I don’t really like a lot of cases but this right here is the wallet case and I think it feels nice in the hands you got nice cutouts in the bottom and you’re gonna get a lot of protection from this case right here so anyway those are the cases that caught my eye once again these cases.

I went out and actually purchased them with my own money. so I could test them out none of them were sent out to me by any company so I’m giving you guys honest feedback if you guys have any questions about these cases or something that I didn’t cover when I tried them on the phone.

Then let me know down below in the comment section remember I’m giving away all these cases so also let me know which one that you like and then subscribe to the Website for latest Article and follow me on Facebook I hope you guys enjoyed the article if you did definitely give it a thumbs up if it’s your first time to my Website definitely consider subscribing thanks for Reading I’ll catch you guys in the next one until then stay plugged

I make a list of some Back Covers choose one you wanted to Buy.




Anccer Colorful Series for Google Pixel 4 Case Ultra-Thin Fit Premium PC Material Slim Cover for Pixel 4 (Black)

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Spigen Liquid Air Armor Designed for Google Pixel 4 Case (2019) - Matte Black

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  • Anti-slip matte surface gives fingerprint-resistance and comfort in every grip

ESR Appro Case Compatible for The Pixel 4, Slim Black Shock Absorption Hard Cover Case [Utra-Thin and High Protection] Compatible for The Google Pixel 4(2019), Black

  • Ultra-Thin: The Google Pixel 4 slim case seamlessly integrates with your Google Pixel 4 and is almost undetectable.

  • Lightweight: doesn¡¯t add any extra bulk to your Google Pixel 4.

  • Scratch-resistant: scratch-resistant material protects your Google Pixel 4's back and allows easy installation and removal without harming your phone.

ESR Appro Case Compatible for The Pixel 4, Slim Black Shock Absorption Hard Cover Case [Utra-Thin and High Protection] Compatible for The Google Pixel 4(2019), Black

  • Dual layered flexible body and rigid outer shell, composed of military grade protection materials and engineered to provide shock absorption, protects your phone from everyday drops and tumbles

  • Precision engineered to enhance your phone’s design, featuring detailed cutouts and tactile button response

  • Contoured to hug your phone and fit comfortably into your hands

Foluu Google Pixel 4 Case, Flip Folio Wallet Cover Slim Premium PU Leather Case ID Credit Card Slots Stand Kickstand and Magnetic Closure Clear TPU Bumper Cover for Google Pixel 4 (Gray)

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  • MULTIFUNCTION - A flip wallet design with 1 card slot for carrying your credit card, ID card, debit card or something else. It is not only a soft phone case and also a wallet for your convenience.

  • ADJUSTABLE ANGLE - Built in stand bring you different viewing angles for hands-free movie-watching or video-chatting, you can find the most suitable hands-free viewing experience. This simple and generous style slim case also highlights your elegant personality better.

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