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Are you thinking of making your mobile case with the best phone case material? If you start looking for a phone case, one thing should always pop up in your mind that is one can easily make a mobile case. We all know how vital it is to protect your mobile device, for one needs a good quality phone case.

In this age of globalization, one gets a variety of buying options when buying a mobile case. Because of the type of options choosing the right mobile cover is a difficult task. Lucky for you, in this article, we covered various aspects related to which kind of material will be best suited for your phone. We have covered the best phone case material and its pros & cons. The material we will discuss will benefit you if you’re thinking of having your customizable mobile cover.

Best Material for your phone case


We know that polycarbonate is a material that can resist high impact because most of the mobile case is made of polycarbonate. Even various products are manufactured from polycarbonate because of its high durability. Without your knowing, you might be using products that are made of polycarbonates. 

Mostly in plastics, there are two different types

  • Thermoplastic polyurethane 
  • Polycarbonate.  

The best phone case material is polycarbonate because of its high durability and rigid nature. At the same time, TPU is more flexible & soft. In general, polycarbonate is used for manufacturing mobile cases because of its rigid nature & high durability. TPU too is used for manufacturing mobile cases. 

  • It can resist high impact without any issues.
  • It is cost-effective
  • One can easily customize the mobile case because polycarbonates come in a variety of colors. Moreover, one can create creative designs in plastic cases.
  • Plastics are very harmful to the environment
  • Clear plastic covers discolored or turns yellow due to sunlight exposure

The main ingredient for making Silicone is petroleum. Silicone comes in handy because of its high durability and its capability of absorbing shock absorbing. Silicone is softer & flexible than polycarbonate. Silicones are used for manufacturing mobile cases because of their ability to absorb shock. The thing about silicone cover is that one can easily apply or remove them from a mobile device. Silicone will be the right choice if you’re looking for the best type of phone case for protection.

  • Silicone is a soft & flexible material that can absorb shocks
  • Silicone cover will be suitable for individuals who live in a cold environment
  • It comes at a lower price
  • Because of its flexibility, it provides an excellent grip to a user
  • Some of the phone cases slip of the silicone covers

Suppose you’re someone who wants to settle for a more sophisticated mobile cover than you should sign up for a leather phone case. Most leather cases come with a pocket, which is very useful; if you think that real leather will cost you a fortune, you can opt for synthetic leather similar to natural leather. 

  • Provides a sophisticated vibe to your phone
  • Leather protects your phone from any harm
  • It offers a good grip as it has both rough & soft texture
  • Leather material is quite expensive
  • Natural leather is not durable like the material mentioned above

In the world of artificial things, we forget about natural goods. If you love handcrafted mobile cases, then cases made of wood should be your ultimate choice. Bamboo is the right choice as it is highly durable as well as it is lightweight. 

  • Wood would be the right choice if want to settle for a more sustainable approach
  • This material makes your phone more elegant
  • The texture of the wood is quite good
  • If the phone covered is dropped, then the case might get cracked
  • The customization option is pretty limited

If you want to settle for the best phone case material, you can sign up for a TPU phone case as it gives a texture of both soft & hard segments. Moreover, TPU phone covers provide excellent protection. Mobile cover TPU is used for manufacturing day to day necessary items like furniture and many more.

  • It gives the user an option of hard or soft because these mobile covers can be customized to different shapes
  • TPU comes at a reasonable price
  • TPU covers are highly durable
  • TPU tends to absorb water


Finding the right case for your valuable belonging can be a tough job. If you opt for online or offline shopping, you will get various phone case options and recommendations. And we know how vital phone case areas this mobile covers ensure the safety of our mobile phones. If you’re willing to make your mobile cover, firstly, one needs to have the best phone case material. One can opt for any material. In this article, we tried to provide a brief overview of the types of material used for manufacturing mobile cover. You can choose any of this material as your phone cover. Pick up the best material for your mobile device that is most suited for you. I hope you find this article useful & informative.

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